Excel Opportunity Class Tests Years 3-4

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This is a comprehensive study guide for students preparing for the Op portunity Class Test. A variety of skills, including analogies, arithmet ic, calculation, codes, comprehension, graphs, measurement, number serie s and word order are covered in the practice tests.

In this book your child will find:

  • information on the method and purpose of Opportunity Class Placement Tests
  • nine practice tests cover ing a wide range of English and Mathematical skills
  • answers to all test questions
  • easy-to-use reference tables to pinpoint are as of weakness
  • selected explanations to help improve learning a nd exam preparation

The OC Placement Tests are really a wa y of assessing your potential for doing well in school. They are not IQ tests or intelligence tests. Of course, you need to be quite good at sol ving complex written problems, but intelligence is much more than this. These questions assess much of the knowledge that you have gained throug h your schooling, life experience and reading. They assess your ability to answer written questions and they also indicate your ability to solve abstract problems. They do not assess every aspect of your ability, esp ecially in areas such as music, art, crafts, technics, personal ethics o r social skills.

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