Prince Lionheart Ever Fresh Pillowcase

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  • Comes with a patented Ever Fresh Pillow which keeps wipes moist while fighting bacteria and fungus
  • Prevents browning to the bottom of your wipes warmer
  • The one upgrade that every warmer needs

Product Description

The Ultimate Wipes Warmer….Need we say more?

Warms wipes for a cleaner clean & happier bottoms.

We use warm water to wet shave or wash our faces without even thinking about it. Yes, warm water feels better than cold, but it also allows a closer shave and gets off more of the makeup and dirt from the day. Why go cold on a baby’s bottom, it just doesn’t make sense. We want the cleanest clean for Baby’s bottom, and want it to feel good, especially during the 3 am changes. EVERYBODY loves a warm wipe. Prince Lionheart added an ingredient into the plastic in ALL our wipes warmers, including the Ultimate Wipes Warmer to prevent any uninvited harmful living things. Our wipes warmers include our patented Ever-Fresh System that keeps your wipes warm, prevent dry-out, and FRESH.

One of the BESTSELLING wipes warmer for a reason.

Ultiamte Wipes Warmer & Diaper Depot

We started in the wipes warmer business back in 1996. Think about it, that is a lot of wipes. We wanted to design a quality wipes warmer for parents. That is how the Ultimate Wipes Warmer came to be. We took it a step further by designing this warmer to it perfectly on our Diaper Depot seen above. Fun fact about the Diaper Depot, we manufacture it at home, right here in the USA.

Soft Glow Nightlight

Three AM diaper changes no longer need to be a shot in the dark! The Ultimate Wipes Warmers soft glow nightlight shines just enough light to make it easy to find during nighttime changes yet not bright enough to disturb Baby’s sleep…

One-Hand Opening

Push the Prince Lionheart button on the lid top to pop it open. Pull your warm wipe (or multiple, probably) through the top, and press the lid back closed to hold the moisture in!

This wipes warmer stays ever fresh.

The EVER-FRESH system was invented to solve a problem. How do you keep all the wipes warm? From the bottom up.

The EVER-FRESH pillow consists of billions of tiny chambers that are saturated with water and an ingredient that prevent any uninvited harmful living things. The saturated pillow is placed on the bottom of wipes warmer or in a special tray (sold separately) to keep it elevated from the heating surface. As the pillow is warmed, water vapor and the safe ingredient molecules are slowly released into the wipes chamber keeping the wipes warm, no dry-out, fresh, and clean. The entire stack of wipes is warmed … bottom to top … with no yellow, dried out wipes.

The everFRESHSystem keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process. Highly dense micropores in the pillow trap and release water as needed to maintain moisture content. Both the wipe warmers tub and the everFRESH pillow are treated with an ingredient additive to inhibit the growth of uninvited harmful living things inside the wipes warmer.

Parents love the EVER-FRESH pillow. We only get one question about EVER-FRESH pillow – How often do the pillows need to be replaced? Every 3 months.

See for yourself what makes this the Ultimate Wipes Warmer.

PRO ULTIMATE Tip – Make sure to soak the Ever-Fresh pillow before you place it in the wipes warmer.

Antimicrobial Lining
Self-Sealing Wipes Lid
Built-In Night Light
everFRESH System everFRESH Pillow + TipTop Pillow 2pcs everFRESH Pillow 1x everFRESH Pillow, 1x Pillowcase
Warming Temperature 99-100 F 99-103 F 103-112 F 100-102 F
Wipe Capacity 80-100 Disposable Wipes 80-100 Disposable Wipes 15-80 Reusable Cloth Wipes OR 80-100 Disposable Wipes 80-100 Disposable Wipes
Size 13.25″ x 4″ x 4″ 10″ x 6.75″ x 4″ 10″ x 6.5″ x 5″ 10″ x 6.5″ x 5″ Suitable for All Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmers Suitable for All Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmers

Additional information
Item Model Number




Number of items


Batteries required


Product dimensions

13.21 x 2.06 x 0.01 cm; 68.04 Grams

Care instructions

Rinse with Water

Material Type

Case: Polypropylene, everfresh pillow: Ethylene-Vinyl



Item Weight

67.9 g

Material free

Polypropylene, everfresh pillow: Ethylene-Vinyl

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