LLPT Double Sided Tape Clear Acrylic Strong Mounting Tape 2 Inches X 550 Inch Multiple Removable Residue Free Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Adhesive(Wa250)



  • BACKING REMOVAL: The backing is a film and it might be difficult to remove without proper method; PLEASE USE ONE OF THIS WAY: use a knife to cut out the backing film a little bit or Pinch and stretch a corner of the adhesive until the backing liner lifts from the tape for easier liner removal.
  • FEATURES: Avoid FINGERPRINTS on adhesive & allow 12-24 hours curing time for tight strong bonding on one object first then stick to another object or wall(8-20 pounds of mass weight per square inch after 24 hours); mess free, residue free, resisting extreme temperature, moisture, UV and waterproof adhesive empowers enterprise owner, apartment renters, students, homeowners, teachers and office workers to temporarily post various objects on walls.
  • PRETREATMENT GUIDELINES: For maximum bond strength, the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, avoid finger touch and contamination to adhesive. Ideal tape application is accomplished when temperature is between 70 and 100 F (21 and 38 C) and the bond is allowed to dwell 72 hours. Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 50 F (10 C) is not recommended.
  • APPLICATION: Strong strength that can withstand moderate to heavy strength and it is safe for glass, metal, concrete, marble, tiles, bricks, trims, moldings, automotive, car registration plates, name plates, address plaques, signs, emblem, car holders, tile, big glass/aluminum/plastic installation, refitting vehicle for body kit/front bumper/rear bumper/side skirt, big home appliance panel repair, mosquito/bug screen, metal mailbox, mirrors, hangers, projects and so on.
  • PERMANENT BOND AFTER CURING: LLPT Heavy Duty Mounting Tape is a new alternative to screws or nails. The conformable double sided tape sticks to smooth surfaces (DO NOT STICK TO ANY TYPE OF PAINTED WALL OR HEAVY TEXTURED SURFACES), weatherproof permanent bond. It might cause damage or leave residue after dwelling 72 hours on object while removal. A sharp tool is needed if you need to remove and clean with adhesive remover. Warm up the adhesive in cold weather..ADHESION PROMOTER: Acrylic double sided mounting tape is for permanent solution, but its initial adhesion is not strong and specially on rough or textured surfaces; LLPT suggests using ADHESION PROMOTER to increase the initial bonding strength, search ASIN: B098747W2K for LLPT 94 ADHESION PROMOTER or other brands will also work with LLPT Acrylic Tapes.

***AVOID FINGERPRINTS ON TAPE FOR BETTER HOLDING***; LLPT Acrylic Double Sided Mounting Tape is a heavy duty mounting tape for industrial-grade mountings, crystal clear and solid-putty consistency makes it strong, extremely sticky while still being easy to handle. LLPT Acrylic Mounting Adhesive Tape will not melt or soften easily even after months of installation or on conditions with high temperature and humidity. It is recommended to maximize the surface area of application, apply as much tape as possible to increase the tape’s STABILITY & STRENGTH. This tape can be compressed that it can fill the gaps between uneven surfaces, making these adhesive dots the best tool for corrugated surfaces. Also, it can be applied and removed later, ideal for students, renters, teachers and other professionals who are using the space temporarily for the mounted objects.
— Material : Acrylic
— Color: Clear
— Adhesive Type: Butyl silicone
— Length: 550 inches
— Width: 1 inch / 2 inches, 2 sizes
Used the tape onto walls:
Suitable to be used: Wood, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Paper, Almost all clean condition walls can be used except for those walls, which are cracked, wet and wrinkled.
The life time of tape could be doubled if the walls can be wiped the wet and dust before sticking.
Application on car:
All trinkets, mobile rack, trash can, perfume, etc. on your car can be always stayed in position no matter how bumpy the road is, making your stuff safe and on position.
If you need to remove Acrylic mounting tape, it’s better to remove it within 72 hours and after 72 hours, the tape may take more time for you to remove.
Application for home accessories:
Except for below accessories (cover for wall paintings), the tape can be used at home for lighter or heavier parts in bathroom, living room, bed room, kitchen and etc.

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15.3 x 15 x 5.2 cm; 630 Grams

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630 g




2" x 550 Inch

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