Silicone Air Fryer Liners, 2 Pcs Reusable Air Fryer Silicone Baking Tray, Air Fryer Silicone Pot round Air Fryers Accessories Oven Accessories, Replacement of Parchment Liner Paper

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  • INDISPENSABLE AIR FRYER ACCESSORIES: 2 Pack Reusable Air Fryer Silicone Pots Liners. No more cleaning the air fryer basket, making you more willing to use the air fryer and enjoy cooking even more now. Silicone pot fits 2.9qt 3qt 4qt 4.2qt 4.5qt 4.8qt 5qt 5.5qt 5.8qt 6qt airfryers
  • DISHWASHER SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN: Silicone pot liners are completely dishwasher safe, allowing you to avoid the trouble of hand washing. Keeps your air fryer free from grease, food residue, and grime without compromising the life span of your air fryer. Air fryer silicone liners
  • BETTER THAN DISPOSABLE PAPER LINERS: Still using disposable parchment liner paper? Refrains from any unnecessary fire hazards on highly flammable parchment papers! Silicone air fryer basket, it takes place of the parchment liners and will be cheaper in the long run. It is a lot easier to place and remove than a paper filter and cooks just as well. Silicone air fryer liners
  • FOOD-SAFE & HEAT RESISTANT: Our silicone air fryer liner bowl made of 100% bpa free, food-grade pure silicone. It’s non-stick, colorfast, thick material durable, heat resistant up to 450 ℉, doesn’t burn. No oil to clean out of air fryer. Reuse and saves money and time! Air fryer liners silicone
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN & WIDE APPLICATION: Air fryer liners have many raised lines, which improve the circulation of heat to fully heat the food for a more even doneness. Also a must have kitchen accessory, suitable for air fryer, microwave, oven, skillet, steamer, fruit plate etc. The perfect gift for your family, friends and cooking lovers

Product Description


Are you looking for an innovative air fryer accessories that can make crispy homemade snacks and sides so much more convenient?

Look here we’ve just brought you the high quality and safe accessories, a reusable air fryer silicone pot that makes washing and cleaning less cumbersome.

-Air fryer silicone pots made from reusable safe food grade silicone and high-quality materials, non-stick, non-toxic, BPA free, highly heat resistant material that withstands up to 464°F/240℃. It is a must in kitchen accessory for air fryer and other cookware. And it is also a healthy choice for your family.

-Cook your food more tasty with 360-degree heated air circulation structure, the unique pattern on the bottom surface to provide better air circulation, with oil draining design makes sure that the oil flows to the edge, this allows heat to distribute more evenly to make your food crisp and more delicious, cooking your food in a shorter time.


1. Our products have food-grade certification, because they need to undergo high-temperature vulcanization during the production process, so there may be a slight odor problem. Place smell will disappear after a while.

2. It is recommended to soak in boiling water for a while before use, or brew, so that there is no smell.

3. [Warming Tips] For the light-colored series of silicone pot, during the baking process, the sauce will stick to the air fryer silicone pot after high temperature and leave a light color, which is a normal phenomenon for all light-colored silicone pots. After use, we recommend to fill the silicone pot with water and add some detergent, soak it for a little time , it will be easier to clean.

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20.3 x 5 x 0.25 cm; 210 Grams



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210 g



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